We are a Global Multiplying
Discipleship Ministry

We focus on discipleship, offering curriculum and training worldwide to support the growth of the body of Christ.

We Meet Needs

Natural Discipleship extends its reach to all corners of the globe, often serving communities living in poverty, where even basic necessities are scarce. Echoing the compassionate spirit of Jesus as seen in Matthew 14:13-21, where He healed the sick and miraculously provided food for the multitudes, our ministry strives to emulate Christ's love. Guided by His example, we are committed to showing compassion and addressing needs as the Lord directs us in our journey of discipleship.

We Do This By

  • We Provide Bibles to discipleship leaders
  • We Provide printed curriculum materials
  • We Provide food and sustainable needs


Our entire curriculum is available at no cost, accessible globally through our user-friendly app. You can conveniently download the app from both app stores.


Our "Keys to Being Set Free" curriculum is now published in book format. We invite you to acquire your copy by making a donation of any amount, plus the cost of shipping, right here on our site.


Are you a church leader looking for a curriculum your church can use to help build the Kingdom of God one disciple at a time? For more information visit our Church information page.


Your donation helps our global operations establish sustainable access to discipleship resources, improved connectivity, economic opportunity, spiritual health and most importantly, the advancement of God’s kingdom, one disciple at a time.